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"It's like watching every auction and every bidder DealDash has ever had!"

If you are serious about winning DealDash auctions, or just want to bid less and save more, then DealDash Elite is for you!

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From: Jason Cooper
Indianapolis, IN, USA

We all know it's true -- winning on DealDash can be an uphill battle. The first time I placed bids on DealDash, I was so nervous... I didn't know if I had what it took to win!

Sure, I was good at controlling my spending, but I had no idea what the other bidders on the same auctions were going to do. The only thing I knew were the last couple of people to bid and the details on the Laptop I was trying to win. Of course, I didn't know what was going to happen, I wasted a ton of money in bids, and still ended up losing the auction because I had no knowledge of what the other players were doing! I thought to myself, "This is barely better than gambling!"

Let's face it -- DealDash is like a game of poker. You are playing the other bidders and judging their tolerances and strategies. The only problem is... you don't know the bidders at all! You cannot see their faces, read their bluffs or even know what they did last time they were in this same situation. Just like in poker: You must know your opponents' tactics in order to defeat them!

"Think of it like watching every auction and every bidder DealDash has ever had!"

Want to see DealDash Elite in action?

The DealDash Includes:

Access to DealDash Elite

  • DealDash Elite is a members-only service that provides:
  • Current Bidders and their bidding habits!
  • Past Winning patterns of EVERY product!
  • All Bidders, all bids, all the time!
  • For every bidder: Number of bids, Time since bid, $ Amount Spent Bidding $ and their Total Time on the auction!
  • Full bid timeline for every auction… not just the last 10 bids!!
  • Easy to read and use graphs of ALL past wins!
  • ALL Bids for all auctions -- present and past!
  • Win/Loss records for ALL Bidders
  • Auction Alerts!
    • This is a KILLER feature. Imagine asking DealDash to just send you an text message or email when an auction for that MacBook has hit $50 and has less than 10 bidders… making it an easy mark to win … Well DealDash Elite will!
  • … and much more!

Can't wait to get your hands on it all?

Top 5 excuses to NOT use DealDash Elite:

  1. Why would I pay for this... I can probably get this same information elsewhere!
    NOT TRUE!  Not only do we have the FULL history of all the auctions and all the bids for those auctions on DealDash -- which nobody else has -- but we take all of this one step further and actually process this information to provide you with "meaningful" analysis of it all. Not to mention that our data is updated in REAL TIME. Nobody else can do this like we do.
  2. I already have a good strategy for DealDash. DealDash Elite does not provide any real additional help/value?
    NOT TRUE! DealDash Elite is a GREAT addition to any strategy you already have. You can apply the advanced data analytics we provide to your existing strategy to improve the effectiveness 10 fold!

    If you don't have a specific strategy for DealDash, DealDash Elite will help give you a "head start" on creating one by providing the ability for you to "passively" observe other auctions and bidders
  3. I am not an "expert" at DealDash -- I cannot get anything useful from DealDash Elite
    NOT TRUE!  DealDash Elite is intuitive and easy to use for users of all levels of knowledge. The analysis and information provided is perfect for winning just a few auctions a month, or if you are a big hitter, winning your cap every month.

    Either way, DealDash Elite provides indispensable information for ALL users!
  4. There are already too many "professional" bidders. I can't win anything anymore
    NOT TRUE!  I can tell you from personal experience that there are TONS of auctions that come and go without any "professional bidders" every placing a single bid. These auctions end up going for penny's on the dollar. Of course, only DealDash Elite can tell you who is a "professional" and who is going to be easy to beat.
  5. There has to be a catch... why would you give access to this software to anybody but yourself?
    It goes without saying that I make money by selling this product, but that is not the primary reason.

    Practically speaking, DealDash has a limit on how many auctions you can win in a given period of time. I simply cannot maximize the value of DealDash Elite by myself. I'd rather grant access to many users to help many people win with specific strategies and knowledge and their fingertips that DealDash Elite provides!

Praise for DealDash Elite


Just wanted to let you know I had been on DealDash and was dropping bids like dead flies.

I researched for a strategy and came across your product. I purchased it at about 4:30 p.m. I used the product [DealDash Elite] getting the feel for it I went into an auction at 6:00 p.m. and using your product, after 17 minutes and 55 bids, I was the proud owner of a Play Station 3 move valued at $399!

- Don M.

I want to say your product is awesome. It's great for anyone wanting a decent shot of winning on DealDash. I'm glad there is a tool like yours out there!

- Matt B.

My Story, continued…

Given background in data analytics, I was quickly able to track and analyze all the active DealDash auctions and their bidders to determine the best strategies to beat them... in real time!

I took this knowledge and created DealDash Elite. What does DealDash Elite do? Imagine yourself watching every auction and every bidder DealDash has every had all day and all night for weeks on end. This is what my system does for you! In fact, my system is doing it right now and I have all the information about all current auctions in real-time!

Don't believe me? Check out these live detail on REAL and ACTIVE DealDash Auctions RIGHT NOW!

If you knew the past habits of the other bidders, you can predict their future habits! If you can find an auction with all "rookie" bidders… those that have never won an auction ... and there are a lot of these… then you stand much better chance of WINNING BIG.

What Our Customers Say

Subject: A++++ feedback
HI Jason,

I have been using DealDash Elite for about 3 weeks now and I just wanted to let you know that I give your product an A+++, because I have also been using DealDash for about 3 weeks and since day one I have won over 13 items!

[One] Item I recently won was all because of DealDash Elite because I wasn't even going to bid on this item for the reason that usually this item goes forever on auction but for the heck of it I looked at DealDash Elite and notice the auction has been going for 13 minutes with bidders and all the bidders had never won an auction so I bid and intimidated them into backing out of the auction leaving me to win and saving a fortune.

Thanks again Jason, Great product!


I was nervous about DealDash Elite whether it was legit and would provide the much needed help to win auctions. This product was purchased and quickly worth every cent being that my FIRST auction I bid on using this tool I won. Absolutely worth buying and will help considerably to determine when to stay in or leave the auction.

- Justin C.

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Works on your computer!

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